Rahmani Program of Excellence introduces 5 year Hifz Program   |   First set of students graduated in 2016   |   Proposed Hifz program includes Arabic, Urdu, Hindi and English languages, mathematics, sciences, computers and other subjects.   |   Admissions now open for one year NEET program.

Rahmani Program of Excellence - Cost Structure

Rahmani30 the founding division of the Rahmani Program of Excellence is a movement to ignite hope in the hearts of our students to succeed and build the “habit of success” in our Ummah. In 2008, when we launched this program, our goal was to select around 30 students; however, we were only able to get 10 students who we thought had the potential to be trained successfully for the IIT. Alhamdulillah, all of them succeeded, giving us a 100% success rate! Since then, we have seen tremendous optimism and growth among our students who feel that they can take an attempt at the IIT JEE.

There is a very welcoming and heart-warming surge in the number of students. Since 2008, the number of students enrolled under the banner of Rahmani30 has grown year after year. In order to serve the growing need we tapped into the generosity of institutions such as MS Academy and Anjuman-I-Islam.

Our hope is to encourage and motivate our community, whether it be individuals or organizations to participate in this process to create excellence in our Ummah. This is a joint venture and we are all in it together. We will continue to evaluate and evolve financial models that will be most suitable for our community to produce excellence. Alhamdulillah, we are proud that our current model produces more output per rupee than any other model that we know of in India.

The following table illustrates the relationship of the costs in various organizations:

Note 1: We at Rahmani Program of Excellence are focused on creating awareness and an environment that helps our students to be successful at these prestigious institutions. Given the minuscule number of students within our Ummah who are successful at these prestigious organization, has forced us to look at the bigger picture rather than looking at rich or poor - although an overwhelming majority (~95%) of our students come from a very humble background.

Note 2: We are blessed to have an unprecedented support from various local schools and centres across India, who support us in our testing efforts. They understand that Rahmani Program of Excellence is a collaborative effort and hence not only do they provide their facility free of charge but also usually support us with staff to conduct examinations.

Note 3: Our strength is in our understanding of the “Ummah.” We are primarily a volunteer based organization. We respect and honor our volunteers who do not even charge us costs that they incur.

Note 4: Rahmani Program of Excellence does not invest in news paper, journal, radio or television advertisement.