Rahmani Program of Excellence introduces 5 year Hifz Program   |   First set of students graduated in 2016   |   Proposed Hifz program includes Arabic, Urdu, Hindi and English languages, mathematics, sciences, computers and other subjects.   |   Admissions now open for one year NEET program.

Rahmani Foundation: An Introduction

Rahmani Foundation, a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) was established in 1996 by Hazrat Maulana Mohammad Wali Rahmani Sahib to formalize various charity work of the Rahmani Mission. Since its inception it has been active in the fields of Public Health, Education, Social Justice, Environment and others. Hundreds of education centers, vocational training institutes and healthcare centers are run under the auspices of the Rahmani Foundation.

Fields of Service

  • Education
    • Educational Awareness Programmes
    • Computer Education
    • Language Development Courses
    • Publications

  • Health
    • Health and Cleanliness Awareness Drive
    • Health Services
    • Eye Operation Camps
    • Vaccination Camps
    • Medical Dispensaries and Facilities
    • Environmental Programmes

  • Social Justice and Empowerment
  • Poverty Alleviation
  • Cultural Awareness Programs


  • 1996 Establishment of the Rahmani Foundation for providing welfare services
  • 1996 Establishment of Foundation headquarters in Munger, Bihar
  • 1999 Inception of the yearly Eye Operation Camp
  • 1999 Inception of the recognized, one year Computer Diploma course
  • 2004 Established 202 educational centers called Rahmani Maktab in Munger
  • 2005 Various vocational courses were started under Rahmani Education Center
  • 2008 Establishment of 102 centers under the Hunur Program
  • 2008 Establishment of NIOS Study Centre for 10th and 12th grade students
  • 2008 Establishment of Rahmani30 for lIT JEE complimentary preparation for talented students
  • 2008 Introduction of vocational courses for Muslim girls in 10 districts of Bihar
  • 2009 Introduction of preparation centers for examination by the Institute of Chartered Accountants
  • 2009 Opportunity was provided to the masters students of physics for doctoral programs abroad
  • 2009 Establishment of the Institute for Islamic Investment
  • 2009 Inauguration of the monthly Islami Tijara journal in English and Urdu
  • 2010 Inception of online video courses at Rahmani30 from and to various parts of the country
  • 2013 Establishment of B. Ed College in Munger, Bihar


Rahmani Foundation was selected by the Government of India to bear the responsibility of managing more than a hundred Jan Shikshan Sansthan centers in several districts in the state of Bihar. Hunar, a Central and the State government funded program for professional skills development for the Women was made successful by various initiatives of this foundation. These programs have helped thousands of people in the state.

Rahmani Foundation is also involved in imparting computer education to thousands of students from weaker section of society who cannot afford to pay higher fee. Well-equipped modern Laboratory helps the students in sharpening their skills and also helps them connect with the larger world.


Rahmani Foundation is actively involved in public healthcare programs. The foundation conducts eye operation camps for the poor and the needy every year free of any charges. Eye camps are arranged under the supervision of eminent doctors from all over India. Rahmani Foundation has the honour of organizing one of the biggest eye operation camps in the country. Thousands of people in last few years have benefitted from it.

Vaccination programs, HIV awareness and female infanticide awareness programs are organised regularly. Awareness programs include live sessions, one on one counseling, printing of posters, booklets and other information material. These materials have been designed, published and distributed free of cost to the people to educate and create awareness.

Social Justice

Under the patronage of Hazrat Maulana Mohammad Wali Rahmani Sahib and intellectual lead of the Director General of Police, Shree Abhyanand Ji, Rahmani Foundation created Rahmani30, this institute successfully experimented preparing students for entrance into one of the most prestigious engineering institutions in the world, Indian Institute of Technology. The first year produced 100% successful result and among the six Muslims who qualified for Olympiad, five of them are from Rahmani30. This movement has inspired the Muslims of the nation and others to emulate this experiment and has inspired the Muslim students to prepare for and take part in this examination. This effort has earned the foundation international acclaim and support.

Due to its success, BBC, Russia Today and various other Indian news channels have done a special story on Rahmani 30. Besides BBC, Rahmani 30 has received the worldwide media attention.