First Phase of Rahmani30 results are published.   |   Registration link for Phase II was sent to successful candidates on 9th of March 2017.   |   Registration deadline for Phase II is 20th of March, 2017.

Olympiad Results 2015 – At a glance

We at Rahmani30 have been blessed with an unprecedented year in terms of the Olympiad results in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Astronomy. A total of 96 success stories – an unprecedented, unimaginable number for one organization! What a team effort between our students, teachers, parents and the administrative team. Congratulations to one and all!

Year Over Year Successes:

Indeed it is very prestigious for any school to achieve even one Olympiad qualification, let alone year over year successes. Rahmani30, finds itself in a unique situation of posting success in many orders of magnitude in consecutive years. Compared to last year - 19 Olympians - this year we have posted an increase of 400% - 96 Olympians.

Comparative Results:

Fortunately, our results are so impressive that we even thought to present a state wide comparison chart. Almost half of the students who qualified come from Rahmani Excellence Programs. We humbly urge you to not raise your expectations of a repeat of this kind of feat every year as this may just be an anomaly; although we intend to work harder to produce even better results.

This year Rahmani Excellence Program achieved 96 Olympiad qualifications out of which 80 are from Bihar and 16 from Maharashtra.

In addition, we are delighted to inform you that our initiative led to the establishement of new Olympiad testing center at the premises of Anjuman-i-Islam. This will lead to more awareness in the thousands of Anjuman students and hence increased participation.

Subject wise results:

We saw a tremendous gain in Astronomy - a science that supports engineering careers in various fields such as Astrophysics and space physics - where we achieved 61 successes as compared to 1 last year. Similarly, there was a multifold increase in Chemistry and an increase in Mathematics. However, we must note that our physics number is one less than the last year.

Our Successful Candidates: