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Mentor Role Description

Rahmani30 - In the context of the mentor role:

Rahmani30 offers unique 10+2 leadership building and character formation experience for the most capable and motivated students in India and students of Indian origin abroad. We achieve this success by emphasizing self-leadership and character building along with reinvented learning process, rigorous academic standards, sufficient use of technology within the context of a deeni environment.

Rahmani30 provides exceptional education via changing the mindset of students and prepares future leaders and innovators in the fields of Engineering, Medical, Law, Accounting, and Defence. By the mercy of Allah tabarak wa ta’la we have been able to achieve an unbelievable year over year 57% success at the prestigious IIT-JEE Advanced examination. In addition year over year, a large portion of our students qualify at the International Olympiad. This year 160 Rahmani30 students succeeded at the Olympiad - alhamdulillah.

Our dedicated cohort of students come from all economic backgrounds and fiqhi masaalik without any discrimination. This is a community supported and guided effort to produce informed leadership at the local level.

Role Overview:

Every year Rahmani30 enrolls some of the most capable students in the community from almost every state of India. These students push themselves to grow intellectually and socially, and in this process, they lean on Mentors - their trusted face of Rahmani30 - to help them guide with their intellectual, social and age-related curiosities.

The role of a mentor is NOT a conventional teacher role, far from it, this is a composite of several roles including facilitator, coach, counselor and communicator besides others. We are hiring aware individuals who understand the concept of the Amanah (trust) of Allah s.w.t. and intend to give this Amanah its due. This is a marathon and not a sprint and so if you do not have that slow fire in your soul, then this role is not for you.

We are looking for an attitude that says - I can. We are looking for the mindset that believes in growth. We are looking for consistency.

If you understand the concept of Integrity, Responsibility, Compassion, Respect, and Excellence within the framework of service, then we WANT you. Rather we NEED you!

Key Responsibilities:

Facilitator: The success of Rahmani30 is embedded upon making students take self-leadership, and this cannot happen in the “lecture” mode. Therefore, one of the aspirations of Rahmani30 is to convert the teaching model into learning model. As a facilitator, armed with the knowledge of the topic, you will facilitate these sessions with your predefined questions and let students arrive at the answer.

Coach: As a trainee mentor, you will learn a lot about coaching and feedback routine. As a coach, you will identify strengths, weaknesses, and habits of your cohort and apply the most suitable technique to motivate them to maximize their strengths, minimize their weaknesses, play off of each other's strengths and remain at the top of their performance level.

Counselor: We realize that you are not a trained psychologist however with our training on coaching, communication and feedback mechanisms you will find yourself in a position to understand and counsel students to develop each student’s academic, career, personal, and social abilities. You will build a trust-based relationship with every member of your cohort and will also work to develop trust between each of the members.

Communicator: One of the most important roles of a mentor is to understand how to re--spond and communicate sufficiently at the right time to capitalize on the opportunity presented by the planned activities and also those that arise from immediate crisis. You will be always on the lookout to make a difference with your communication.

Process Enabler and Improviser: One of the critical responsibilities upon which the success of students are directly attributed to is the learning process of Rahmani30. The mentor is the soul of the execution of this process, it’s guardian, its enabler, and improviser. We want you to believe in this process, use it to produce results and provide feedback to improve it.

Other Responsibilities: Besides the learning process, mentors also participate in several other strategic and operational procedures of Rahmani30 including the student selection process, etc.


    • Alignment with the mission of Rahmani30
    • Ability to seek one’s strengths and maximize it
    • Have a growth mind-set
    • Bachelor’s degree in one of these streams:
        Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, Astronomy,
        Business Operations, Commerce, Accounting, Law
    • Fluency in verbal and written English language is required
    • Knowledge of Urdu especially of science in Urdu is an added advantage
    • Knowledge of Arabic language is a big plus