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Mentor30: Program Information

Rahmani30 is one of the manifestations of the Rahmani Program of Excellence movement to inspire hope through education. Rahmani30 was established in 2008 and now has reached many hundreds of thousands of students across the nation. Alhamdulillah, the combination of students, parent’s unparalleled support, dedicated team members, sponsors, study center partners, volunteers, test centers, its vision, core values and the reinvented learning methodology has proven to be very successful in terms of student successes at the JEE Mains, JEE Advanced, NEET, Olympiad, KVPY, Commerce and other examinations.

Growth Over the Past Decade:

In 2008 when Rahmani30 was searching for suitable students who could face the challenge of the IIT, after much effort, it could only find ten. All of these ten students succeeded at the IIT exam. Since then the students of the community continue to become inspired to achieve success in direst of circumstances. Last year 75 students were successful at the IIT JEE Advanced test, i.e., 57% of the student. 22/31 medical students were above the 90 percentile at the NEET, and all of the commerce stream students of 12th grade successfully completed the National Stock Exchange Certification.

As the community continues to increase the support and we continue to optimize and stretch every rupee, we are continuously adding more seats to the pool. Since 2008 our student body has increased by seventeen times, and in the last year alone we increased about 70 percent of the seats. We are hoping to add more sponsors to support this effort so that we may add a similar percentage of seats this year as well in sha’ Allah, Ameen.

It is also very gratifying for us to see support in almost all states to establish centers. So far besides Patna, we have added Aurangabad, and Hyderabad. This year we are also planning to go further south, in sha’ Allah. Additionally, we have added Medical, Commerce, Law, and Defense as additional education stream beside Engineering.

The Mentor30 Program:

One of the goals of Rahmani30 is to provide support to any student who is serious about education and can demonstrate consistent and positive behavior towards education. This goal can only be satisfied by an infusion of the new generation of mentors who are aligned with the vision of the Rahmani Program of Excellence and are looking to make a difference in lives of the students.

Mentor30 is thus, an effort to select graduates of various educational streams and to coach them as Trainee Mentors for the first six months or so to become effective service-leaders. The program is highly tilted towards self and experiential learning and seeks to impart skills such as facilitation, coaching, utilization of student-centered learning approach, communication, leadership, etc. These trainees will also participate and interview eminent educators and senior executives from international arena to draw from their experiences and broaden their perspectives.

Mentor Educational Streams:

We intend to hire Mentors from the following educational streams, however if you are from other stream but have what it takes to be a Rahmani30 Mentor we invite you to apply as well. Please click on the application form to apply.

    • Mathematics
    • Physics
    • Chemistry
    • Biology
    • Astronomy
    • Business Operations
    • Commerce
    • Accounting
    • Law
    • English

    Please note that:
    • Fluency in verbal and written English language is required
    • Knowledge of sciences in Urdu is an added advantage
    • Knowledge of Arabic language is a big plus

Selection Process:

Given the importance of this role for our students we will conduct our due diligence to select the best candidates for this role. The selection process may have the following components:
    • Suitability analysis based on applications. As a result of this process candidates will be requested
      to attend the written test.
    • The written test component comprises of both objective and subjective test. The topics may include:
        - Subject test: at least two subject of choice (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics etc.) except for
          English Language. Tentatively, written exam will be conducted in Patna, Bihar. More information
          will be send to the candidates as the time draws closer.
        - Logical Reasoning
        - Emotional Intelligence
        - Strength and Personality Analysis
    • Interview

Mentor30: Levels

    • Trainee Mentor
    • Level1: Associate/ Analyst Mentor
    • Level2: Mentor/Coordinator
    • Level3: Sr. Mentor/Sr. Coordinator
    • Level4: Chief Mentor/ Center Leader

Mentor30: Benefits and Salary

    • Opportunity to learn and grow. Rahmani30 intends for every mentor
       to spend a percentage of time in the self development based on our
        structured approach
    • Ability to interact and learn from senior leadership of the community
    • Access to the latest research, thought process and training
    • Lodging and dining at the expense of the organization
    • Chance to live and experience different cities in various states

Levels and Salary Table:

Level Years at this level Academic Non Academic Salary Range
L1 0.5 Trainee Mentor 7,500
L1 1-2 Associate/ Analyst Mentor 15,000- 20,000
L2 2-3 Mentor Mentor/Coordinator 25,000- 35,000
L3 2-3 Sr. Mentor Sr. Coordinator 40,000- 55,000
L4 --- Chief Mentor Center Head 70,000 - 100,000